Cyntec Showcases Innovative Power Electronics at PCIM 2024 Supporting Electrification of the Automotive Industry to Reduce Carbon Emissions
NUREMBERG, 10 June 2024 – Cyntec, a world-leading provider of power magnetics and resistive current sensing solutions, is set to exhibit its latest technologies for the automotive industry in Nuremberg on 11th-13th June at PCIM Europe 2024. Cyntec's power electronics components ensure higher reliability and performance at reduced size and weight, helping car OEMs comply with stricter industry requirements and government regulations.

“Car manufacturers in recent years are facing a significant push towards electrification and miniaturization, heavily driven by carbon emission targets. Leveraging Cyntec's core competencies in material science, extensive engineering expertise, and highly automated manufacturing capabilities, we design our products to meet these changes head-on, securing sustainability targets throughout the whole supply chain,” said Stefan Fritsch, Automotive Electrification Segment Manager at Cyntec EMEA. “We are excited to connect with industry experts and demonstrate the potential of our high-power density magnetics and accurate current and signal sensing modules to enhance power efficiency, driving range and charging speed of electric vehicles.”

Highly paced automotive developments require powerful, efficient, compact and reliable electrical components. Cyntec's cutting-edge technologies include customized magnetics for efficient power conversion in onboard chargers and DC-DC converters, space-saving EMC filters for inverters and advanced sensing solutions for battery management systems (BMS). Alongside these, Cyntec offers a broad lineup of miniaturized components for control boards and communication channels that support the critical needs of automotive electrification.

The Cyntec team invites industry experts, researchers, and professionals from the automotive electronics sector to visit their booth at Hall 7, Booth 125 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre to explore potential partnership and learn how drivetrain applications can benefit from power electronics innovations.

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The Cyntec Power Electronics Components help to enable highly efficient power conversion, fast charging and extend electric vehicle driving range

About Cyntec
Since 1991, Cyntec’s team of scientists and engineers leads the way in the research and development of power electronics components, miniaturized and highly integrated products and solutions. The product lines include magnetic components, passive components, power modules, RF and optical modules which serve the client, cloud computing equipment, automotive, IOT, industry and other market segments. 

Using insight into market trends and in-depth knowledge of electronic materials and processes, Cyntec produces a wide variety of products with the highest level of performance, accuracy and power density packaging.

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