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Social Responsibilities Management Policy
We insist on
1. Obligated to social responsibilities, creating high quality labor conditions
2. Refuse to the hiring of child labors, takes care of young workers and no forceful labor
3. No discrimination, oppression and will not tolerate inhuman or unreasonable management
Employment Policy
As a world enterprise and a responsible corporate citizen, Cyntec Co., Ltd (the Company) is committed to offering our employees an environment to develop their capabilities. To fulfill this commitment, Cyntec Co., Ltd constantly strives to comply with local regulations and to meet international labor and human rights standards, including the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labor Office Tripartite Declaration of Principles, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and more. To accomplish this objective, the Company has implemented the Cyntec Employment Policy.
The Company promises:
1. Law Compliance:
To comply with applicable labor or employment laws and international standards wherever it operates.

2. Freely Chosen Employment:
To prohibit hiring forced labor or child labor. All jobs shall be taken voluntarily and employee scan voluntarily leave the company with a reasonable period after giving notice.

3. Humane Treatment:
To prohibit any form of harassment and inhumane treatment, including any sexual harassment, abuse, slavery, corporal punishment, threatening,exploitative, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of employees.

4. Non-Discrimination:
To hire employees based on capabilities, and to not discriminate based on race, religion,color, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other reason which is protected by law in recruitment, training, awards, promotion, termination, retirement, or other employment condition.

5. Working Hours:
To establish a management mechanism for working hours in line with labor laws, regulations and special requirement from customer. Unless for special operating conditions, employees shall be allowed at least one day off for each seven working days.

6. Compensation and Benefits:
To provide employee compensation and benefits to meet the applicable laws, including minimum wages, holidays with pay and welfare provided in the law.

7. Freedom of Association:
To respect the rights of employees to associate freely on a voluntary basis and to organize labor unions, and to establish employee communication channels according to local regulations. No any retaliation against employees after associating with others or bargaining collectively.

8. Training Opportunity:
To ensure equal opportunity for employee development and provide job-related training to enhance employee capabilities and skills.

9. Health and Safety:
To provide a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with applicable safety and health regulations, and to establish and maintain an occupational safety and health and safety management system that defines operational procedures and monitors the implementation of continuous improvements in safety and health performance.



RBA and Other Environmental/Social Issues

The cooperation and participation of the entire supply chain is needed to achieve optimum results for CSR issues. Cyntec not only conforms to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) but we are also committed to making the most of our influence by promoting the RBA throughout our supply chain. The Cyntec supplier management procedure explicitly requires suppliers to sign a declaration of conformity for the RBA and Supplier’s Environmental Protection Guarantee. Suppliers are also expected to follow the relevant guidelines in practice. Suppliers' cooperation and performance on environmental/social issues such as environment-related substances and RBA are now a part of our Yearly Business Review for suppliers. Cyntec is using our buying power to require suppliers to follow the environmental and social standards.

Cyntec has also adopted a conflict metal free policy that restricts the use of conflict metals mined from the DRC and its adjoining countries. Cyntec requires suppliers to sign the "Metal Source Survey" and "Declaration on Non-use of Conflict Metals" as part of our vendor management method.

As for contractors, we mainly arrange training courses and promote Cyntec's environmental and safety & health codes to ensure that any negative safety and environmental issues are avoided during their onsite operations.

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QA-WI-005 Cyntec HSF Management Standard

Whistle-blowing and Remediation Process

Cyntec has set up formal reporting channels for employees, Cyntec’s suppliers and other external stakeholders to report on any Cyntec Member’s conduct that is illegal.

Cyntec will not tolerate any retaliation against anyone who has reported potential violations of laws, the Code of Conduct, or other company policies in good faith.

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