Powder Metallurgy Technology

Cyntec’s knowledge and expertise in the technology of Metal Powder Processing, Micro-Powder Molding and Coil Forming, provided the basic foundation for the production of a complete series of High Saturation, Low DCR, and highly efficient Power Chokes as a Surface Mount Inductors.

Permeability, BS and power loss analysis
Material and thermal analysis
Composite material research

Design & Simulation:
Structural design
Static simulation of electric property (Inductance, Isat / DCR, Flux distribution)
Dynamic characteristic simulation (AC loss)
 Efficiency simulation and SPICE modeling

Coil winding technology
Hot pressed technology
Inject molding technology
Powder coating technology
Metal powder molding technology
Multilayer lamination technology
Thin film and thick film technology

Stress strain analysis
Power loss extraction method
Mechanical structure analysis
Efficiency and magnetic field analysis