Highly Integrated 60A Power Block Modules for High Performance Computing

Cyntec offers space-saving, high-efficiency DC-DC modules for applications from wearable electronics to large-scale data-center. With our proprietary 3D system-in-package technology, switching regulators are integrated with in-house optimized passive components within a miniaturized footprint. For High Performance Computing (HPC), core power demanding for >100A with limited board space for VRM is the common challenge for system designers. Our latest 12Vin 60A Power Block modules, which are scalable up to 780A output current, serve the purpose. High performance inductors are integrated in a miniaturized 10mm x 10mm footprint with >95% peak efficiency. Up to 60% PCB area saving compared to the conventional discrete VRM makes a significant difference in HPC applications like OAM/PCIe acceleration cards. With a board range of module products, we offer a total DC-DC solution to the multi-rail requirements of GPUs, CPUs, and FPGAs.

Cyntec 60A Power Block Modules
 PN  MSN121B120-MR
 Vin  3-14V
 Vo  0.5-2V
 Io  60A
 Peak Io  120A
 Size  10(L)*10(W)*9.2(H) mm3
 Freq.  0.6-1MHz
 Rth  Rth_j-t: 6.7K/W
 Rth_j-b: 3.7K/W
 Status  MP


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