Cyntec partners with Xilinx for powering FPGAs by DC-DC modules
Cyntec offers space-saving, high-efficiency DC-DC modules for applications from wearable electronics to large-scale data-center. With our proprietary 3D system-in-package technology, switching regulators are integrated with in-house optimized passive components within a miniaturized footprint.

As one of the key components in high performance computing, FPGAs are widely deployed in AI and 5G related applications. Cyntec works with Xilinx to offer optimized power modules for each of the DC-DC rail. By adapting Cyntec solutions, FPGA system designers can greatly reduce both the space and the time needed for designing the multiple DC-DCs.
Total module solution is designed for powering the Virtex/Kintex UltraScale+ series. The current rating of each rail ranges from 1A to 180A at maximum. Considering the high performance of the US+ series, the power modules are designed to fulfill the stringent requirements on transient response and output ripple. Efficiency, thermal, and layout data are all available in the test report of each individual rail. For details, please refer to the following pages.

More detail information, please link to:

Xilinx homepage (under “Kintex and Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs”)
Cyntec homepage

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