High power rating shunt sensor for BMS application
Yet today, the biggest factor affecting the rate of growth in adoption of EVs is the battery: The performance of the battery – Range, life-time and power-output characteristics.
A battery management system (BMS) is absolutely necessary to protect the battery from damage, prolong the life of the battery, and maintain the battery’s fitness to perform the functions of the application for which it was specified. Moreover, a BMS supports both the safety and performance requirements of the vehicle. Which means the higher accuracy current sensor is an important part of BMS system. A shunt sensor must be the most suitable current sense way which inserted into the current path. The key characteristic of shunt sensor are resistance, power rating, TCR, EMF and ESL. The characteristic is also correspond to its performance.

Cyntec’s shunt sensor has relatively higher power rating, ultra-low resistance, and Low TCR, EMF and ESL value in order to capture current measurements with the necessary accuracy and resolution. It is the best solution to use in BMS system.

Automotive bus bar type shunt sensor
- Ultra-low resistance : from 25 to 150µ?
- Different size from 6918 to 8436
- Resistance precision : ± 5% ,± 1%
- Power rating : 36W
- Low TCR  < 0~100 ppm/k
- Low EMF < 2 uV/℃
- Low ESL  < 3 nH
- Good heat dissipation
- AECQ200 qualification
- Manufacture flexible & Automation

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