Resistor Network
Cyntec resistor network is an effective solution for high-density which can down to 0201*4 array. It also benefit for cost reduction and space-saving.
● Space-saving , High Density
● An innovative structure with a patented planar electrode design has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the automated production
Computer, Mobile/Handheld, Networking/Telecom, and others Electronic Devices, etc.
Part Number Dimension
(mm) (mil)
Dim. Power Rating(W) Resistance Values(Ω) Resistance Tolerance TCR (ppm/°C)
RS062R0.6*0.80201*20.03110~1MΩ±1%(F) ±5%(J)±200
RS064R0.6*1.40201*40.03110~100KΩ 10~1MΩ±1%(F) ±5%(J)±200