Server / Base station
Cyntec support the market of sever and data centers by supplying high efficiency power chokes, miniaturized power modules, and high watt current sensing resistor for reducing energy consumption and solving thermal issue.
Product Application List
Product NamePart NumberDocument
Molded Power ChokeCMLB041B
Sealed Power ChokeSDES064E
Molded Power ChokeCMLE041B
Molded Power ChokeCMLB051B
Molded Power ChokeCMLE051E
Molded Power ChokeCMLB053T
Molded Power ChokeCMLE053T
High Performance Power ChokeHBLE041H
Power ModuleMUN12AD05-SMFL
Power ModuleMUN12AD05-SMFH
Power ModuleMUN3CAD03-SH
Power ModuleMUN12AD01-SH
Power ModuleMUN12AD03-SM
Power ModuleMUN24AD03-SM
General use
Product NamePart NumberDocument
Power ModuleMUN12AD05-SMFL
Power ModuleMUN12AD05-SMFH
Chip ResistorRR0203S
Current Sensing Resistor (Consumer-Grade)SCRR0805SD
Resistor NetworkRS062R
Resistor NetworkRS064R
Chip ResistorRR0306S
Chip ResistorRR0510
No data